Totful Treats

Totful Treats

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12oz. bag of the health conscious treat that will soon become your dog’s favorite. Taxes Included



Garbanzo Bean Flour

  • easily digestible protein

  • gluten free

  • great source of fiber, magnesium, iron, zinc, copper & folic acid

Sweet Potato

  • packed with a, c, d and b vitamins

  • calcium, manganese, potassium

  • immune support


  • high levels of beta carotene to support eye health

  • increase metabolism, aids in weight loss & muscle health

  • contains high amounts of cucurbitacin, an amino acid, known to be toxic to many parasites

Coconut Oil

  • supports skin, coat, brain, thyroid and nerve function

  • aids in digestion & nutrient absorption

  • anti fungal, anti viral, anti bacterial properties

  • protects from illness, speeds healing, reduces allergic reaction

  • promotes strong bones & ligament health

Hemp Flour

  • a complete protein

  • gluten free

  • good source of magnesium

  • perfectly balanced ratio of omega 6 to omega 3, fatty acids


  • one of the worlds most powerful antioxidants

  • anthocyanins- pigments which give the fruit it’s color, known to protect brain cells, inhibit tumor growth, and cardiovascular disorders

  • supports prostate and urinary tract health


  • antimicrobial- freshens breath by removing harmful bacteria from the mouth

  • soothes the stomach

  • strengthens intestinal muscles

  • helps to treat arthritis

Chlorella (thin cell wall)

  • superfood- nutrient dense, freshwater green algae

  • removes metals & toxins from the body

  • 50-60% protein, a compete protein source, containing all 9 essential amino acids

Neem Leaf Powder

  • fights intestinal parasites and ulcers

  • anti viral, anti fungal & anti bacterial properties

  • improves hair, nail, skin and tooth health

  • helps with digestion and metabolism

  • promotes healthy cardiovascular and immune systems


  • anti inflammatory

  • joint support

  • fights infections

  • aids in gastrointestinal issues

Ceylon Cinnamon

  • regulates blood sugar & raises insulin resistance

  • anti parasitic, anti bacterial, anti microbial, anti fungal, anti clotting, anti inflammatory

  • helps with tension and stress

  • natural food preservative

  • known to prevent memory loss

We use 100% organic, human grade ingredients. Prioritizing the health of your furry loved ones. With a little thought, from the tot.